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By Françoise Bergan


Most residents of southeast Aurora chose to live here because it felt like a great place with quality attainable housing, exceptional schools, amenities, and natural beauty in a safe environment.


We want excellent city resources that enhance our quality of life—police and fire service, recreational facilities, manicured parks, street lighting, smart traffic management and dependable utilities, among other things. We are fortunate to live in a city that annually balances its budget while delivering exceptional service; I believe we can always improve. 

Simply, I will continue to advocate relentlessly to ensure that Ward VI is never overlooked when dollars—yours and mine—are invested in the Aurora community. 

Quality of Life

I will continue to coordinate with residents, departments, and city management to ensure families are able to enjoy our great outdoors, whether by maintaining infrastructure, improving recreational facilities, or protecting and enhancing the beauty of natural, open spaces.

Public Safety

Always a top priority, I work closely with local law enforcement, emergency medical services, and fire departments to build on our positive relationships, better understand our community’s needs, and ensure the delivery of excellent services. This includes promoting flexible funding to meet both current and future needs.

Public Works

Every tax-paying citizen deserves roads in good repair year-round, and cleared of snow in the winter. I will continue to work with city services to address the current traffic needs of our growing population, while anticipating new development. I am your liaison to the city in our collective effort to plan, prepare and repair.

Economic Development

Commercial development is a community’s lifeblood. Businesses attract the people and related services that create a cycle of opportunity and prosperity. I will continue to encourage responsible, sustainable development to ensure southeast Aurora stays a great place to live, work, learn and play. 


Tax on retail sales is the number-one source of Aurora’s revenue to provide and improve essential city services. I will support the city to encourage retail growth, simplify processes and make Ward VI friendly for small businesses, promoting an environment to attract quality companies.


I will continue to support collaboration between schools and businesses to enhance student experiences and employment opportunities. And I will bridge the partnership between local law enforcement and schools to ensure safe environments for learning.

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