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Françoise’s mother endured Nazi-occupied France as a child, and worked as a house cleaner. Françoise's father was only fifteen years old when his mother died, forcing him to leave home and search for work outside their small town of Bagley, Minnesota. He later enlisted in the Air Force, where he became a career machinist. Their married life was a nomadic existence, moving their family of five between France, Germany, England, and the United States—on two occasions while the family patriarch was deployed in Vietnam.


Born in Paris, Françoise did not learn English until the family was transferred to Florida when she was five years old. But it was not long before she rose to the top of her class. She started earning a paycheck at age sixteen, bagging groceries on the base BX, and never stopped working (including college) until she retired 30 years later to focus on family and community service.


Her unique upbringing informed a global perspective of cultural diversity and deepened her love for America. It shaped who she is today. Her sense of respect. Her work ethic. Her collegiality and ability to collaborate with people of divergent beliefs or social class. And her abiding appreciation for our military.

Francoise Bergan Young Family


Françoise enjoyed a successful career in staffing sales, executive management and consulting in Phoenix and Southern California until her retirement—and return home to Colorado—in 2002.


From 1997 to 2002, she served on the board of the Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce and the board of Pierce College.The United Chambers of Commerce awarded her “Small Business Person of the Year” for the San Fernando Valley chapter of Southern California. The Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce named her “Executive Board Member of the Year.” And on her departure to Aurora, the City of Los Angeles recognized Françoise with a declaration of “Outstanding Service and Dedication to the Community.”


For the past two decades, Françoise has directed her time, passion, and energy towards family and the Aurora community. She is approaching 35 years of marriage to her husband, Gregg, a small business owner. They are proud parents of a son, Cameron, an International Baccalaureate graduate of Cherokee Trail High School and Southern Methodist University, now a management consultant for a global consulting company based in Dallas. Françoise enjoys gardening, reading and wrangling their fourth rescue dog, Karter.

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